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Two months!  Now this second month, compared to the first, was a bit more fun!  Maddie began doing things.  We started getting more smiles and new funny facial expressions.  A favorite of mine was dubbed “the O-face.”


She started getting chubbier during this second month, too.  Born pretty small (5 lb, 15 oz), she was pretty spindly for the first month, but by month two she was really packing on the ounces.  Just look at these legs and cheeks!!

Chunky Legs

This was also the month I went back to work.  It was simultaneously a relief to get out of the house and have a little adult contact, and a gut-wrenching emptiness in my belly of missing my baby.  But, she was home with Daddy, and I knew they were fine.  This was what I had to leave and say goodbye to on my first day back to work.  It was soooo hard to leave!

Maddie & Daddy

Month two saw lots of tummy time, and she was holding her head up on her own very well.  This also brought her 2-month doctor’s visit and first set of vaccinations, which occurred on the Friday before her birthday.  The poor baby did not feel well on her birthday; she had a rough time for a couple of days.  This was the best picture we could get on her official 2-month birthday:


She started feeling a little bit better the following day, and we dressed up and got a couple decent pictures, but she still wasn’t in tip-top-shape.

2-Month Dress

A couple of weeks after her birthday, she had her first overnight visit to Nana’s.  Her Daddy & I were a wreck; we must have called two or three times to video-chat with her!  But, of course, she had a wonderful time, and we enjoyed a little time to ourselves.

First Overnight to Nana's

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