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Months one and two were fun, but month three was where it really got interesting, at least for me.  The little baby who had pretty much been immobile and unable to use her appendages was now smiling intentionally all the time, found her hands and feet (and they were fascinating!) and her tongue, started moving around and getting the hang of the army crawl to move herself around, and started talking – baby gibberish, sure, but she was talking!  She also started using her hands and feet, and was able to hold things much more confidently.

The discovering of the hands was really wild; they had been there for around 12 weeks, but one morning it was like they had just appeared.  It was so adorable watching her be amazed by these new things that she could control!

Discovering Hands

Discovering Feet

Maddie Balls

Her face also started getting more expressive.  She started looking a little bit more like a small human than a tiny baby.

Expresive Face

She was a good sport about taking our monthly pictures 🙂

3-Month Sticker on Forehead


This was the month that things really took a turn for me.  The little blob of baby started to turn into a tiny human, and watching her grow, and learn, and explore was so much fun!  It’s fascinating to literally watch the gears move in their little brains as they discover something new.  It’s on of the biggest blessings of being a parent.

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