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The weather was cooling down a bit, and Maddie was gearing up a bit this month.  Looking back, this is the time frame where I can begin to see the baby that Maddie is now at 11.5 months.  Before the four month mark, all I could see was tiny, chubby, immobile baby.

Maddie & Mommy

Around the four month mark, though, that all started changing.  She was an expert at tummy time, and had started using her arms to “army crawl” her way around the house.

Tummy Time

Maddie also started eating solid food around this time.  We started with cooked, canned peas and corn.  She liked both, but preferred the peas (though not necessarily the skin; I had to “pop” the peas and give her the inside goodies!).

First Food

She just got stronger and stronger every day during this month.  It was amazing to watch her progress, and so much fun!

Strong Girl

We learned early on that Maddie is not a fan of dresses.  I think she prefers being a tomboy.  But, regardless, I made her wear a dress on almost all of monthly milestones.  Here she is in her 4-month dress picture.

4-Month Dress

We struggled with pictures this month, because she couldn’t quite sit up on her own yet, but no longer wanted to lie on her back for long.  She was getting really good at rolling, so keeping her still to take pictures proved difficult, as did keeping the 4-month sticker on her – she just wanted to pull it off with those newfound hands!  This ended up being my favorite picture from this month:

4-Month Flying

And these are two of my favorites pictures of her, ever.  These were taken the day after her 4-month birthday.  She started looking so grown up all of a sudden.  That’s how it happens, in the blink of an eye.


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