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Six months felt like a big milestone to reach, though I’m not entirely sure why.  Baby girl continued to grow, and she was 100% mobile!  She was able to go to/from any position – sit, roll, pull up, crawl with no problem.  We saw this month what we term the “run crawl.”  It generally happens when we’re “chasing” her – she’ll crawl away as fast as she can, which is pretty fast, while looking back and smiling at us as we “chase.”  It’s pretty adorable.

This month was Halloween, which was really fun.  My work has a “walk the halls” trick-or-treat event for staff and families, so we dressed Maddie up and attended with her and Kaiden.  She made just about the cutest strawberry I’ve ever seen.  She also found Chris’s Darth Vader sword, and thought that was super cool.

She also started reading this month, LOL!

Maddie Reading

One of my favorite memories of this month was going to the park and riding the baby swing for the first time.  Oh, she had so much fun!  She was all smiles from the moment I put her in there and started swinging her.  She wanted to go faster, and higher, and longer!  I think we must have sat there swinging for a full 30 minutes; I couldn’t get enough of her smiles and giggles!  We went back for a second visit shortly thereafter.  She also experienced her first slide ride while we were at the park.  She wasn’t the biggest fan, but maybe because mommy went cautiously slow….

Maddie and Kaiden also had a fun ride on Harry The Happy Dragon at Harris Teeter during a grocery shopping trip.

Kaiden & Maddie

Bath time remains one of Maddie’s favorite parts of the day, and mine too, because that tends to be one of the precious few hours we get to spend during the week, just Mommy and Maddie.  She loves splashing the water all over me!

Bath Time

Nana, as always, made sure Maddie’s fashionista status stayed on point.  She got a new vest for the approaching colder weather, which she wore like a rock star!  Nana also took her for her first ride in a shopping cart, riding like a big girl.

This month I also did an inventory of clothing, because she had outgrown a lot of her things.  I made several bags to give away to friends.  It was nostalgic looking at all the teeny tiny newborn clothes that she was swimming in just a mere six months ago, which are now way too small.  Time really does fly…

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