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This was a very exciting month because……Maddie got her first tooth!  Eeek!!!  I have no idea why, because I didn’t do anything, but this moment was the biggest burst of pride I’ve ever felt.

First Tooth1

Looking back now, since as I’m writing this she’s currently almost a year old, she still looked like such a baby with her little gummy smile and chubbiness.  But that first tooth; man, that was exciting!  And the best part – for the first one, at least – is that there really wasn’t any “teething” to speak of; it just kind of popped up out of nowhere.  One day her “bites” were just little gums; the next there was something hard!

This month was marked by two of Maddie’s first Thanksgiving, which was held at our house and fairly low-key.  KC cooked.  His side of the family all came and it was lovely having everyone together.

Thanksgiving 2017


Maddie was just a happy baby this month; all smiles.  Her smiles make us smile, so there were lots of happy people in our house!

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