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This is the part where it really felt like time started flying.  I had gotten somewhat comfortable with this motherhood thing, and Maddie had gotten somewhat comfortable with this baby thing.  She was able to army-crawl her way around the house, so she was happy to be more mobile.

What I really started noticing around this time was that she was learning new things every, single day.  Not just one new thing – many new things – and you could watch her  and almost literally see the little gears turning in her head as she figured things out.  She would hold things and twist and turn her wrist, just watching it, in awe.  She had figured out how to hold and grip things, and even to pinch things between her finger and thumb, but this wrist, it twisted!  Watching how quickly she picked up on things, and how mesmerized she was by them, was fascinating.


Maddie has been a visual baby from day one.  She is always very alert, watching everybody, wanting to know what’s going on.  She’s never wanted to miss a thing, and I’m convinced this is why she’s not the best napper – she’s terrified she might miss something.  I will admit, there have been a couple of times where she’s fallen asleep to it just being her and myself home and woken up to other people having come over while she was napping, so her fears were realized….and her desire not to nap and have that happen, again, intensified.

She has always wanted to do what we’re doing.  She watches us drinking from a cup, she wants to drink from a cup.

Drinking Daddy's Coffee

While hands had been discovered a couple of months before, this was the month of the discovery of and fascination with feet.  She just loved those things.  She’d grab them, and pinch them, and eat them.  Feet were just soooooooo much fun!

It was also around this time that she started hearing the word “no” for the first time, and/or being told she couldn’t do some things (dang her parents for trying to keep her safe!).  She was not a fan of this newfound word and experience, and she let us know.  Her immediate reaction was – and to this day, still is – an immediate sad face/quivering of the lip/tears.  It’s amazing how well she can play us.  She most definitely has us, and most especially her Daddy, wrapped around her little finger, which Urban Dictionary defines as:

  1. A term used when a girl has a guy under their command.
  2. Means the guy will pretty much follow their girl’s every wish and do whatever she wants.”

Yep, that sounds about right.

Sad Face

We also had some fun new experiences this month, like the Evenflo Exersaucer Doorway Jumper, which she found to be great fun.  She didn’t really get the hang of the bouncing so much, but very much enjoyed being pushed back and forth, and also spun.  She’s always been a bit of a “monkey” baby – she loves being held upside down by her legs, being “dropped,” etc., so it was really no surprise that she liked spinning, too.


What I really recall is just how happy this girl was, almost all of the time during this age.  When she wasn’t happy, it was for a very good reason: she was hungry, wet, or tired.  Otherwise, she was just happy-go-lucky, always smiling.  She brought (and still brings) us such immense joy.  We also started getting some of the now infamous “Maddie giggles” around this time too.


We progressed with eating, and started offering more finger foods in addition to the purees that we were feeding her.  She very much enjoyed attempting to get food from her high chair tray to her mouth…. I emphasize the word trying, because she wasn’t too often successful.  It was still hilarious to watch and she enjoyed herself and learned something along the way, so mission accomplished!

I had one of my most sentimental moments since having Maddie during this month.  My dad, who is no longer with us, was the drummer for a band named the Keelhaulers for many, many years (they’re still going strong, by the way).  My mom had found this shirt that I guess he had made for me when I was a kid and gave it to me.  This picture and the flood of memories it brings with it are truly cherished.


I also took the plunge and got Maddie her very own cup – a pink, big-girl sippy cup!  She played with it (notice I did not say drank out of it) the first day and then proceeded to not care about it for months after.  She has just recently, around 11 months, started using it again.

Sippy Cup

My poor baby was subject to a real-live fashion show for her five-month birthday.  My mom had saved all of my dresses from when I was a baby and given them to me.  There are probably 10 or more of them, all around the same size, and this was the month it was time to see if they fit.  They did, but weren’t going to for long, so we had to try on a bunch of them.  Poor girl, have I mentioned she’s a tomboy and not a fan of dresses?

Then, finally, I let her put on something a little bit more comfortable for the remainder of the pictures, and life was good!

5 Months - Romper

Side Note: I love the fact that jelly shoes still exist.  I had so many pair of jelly shoes when I was growing up, and they were my favorite!!!


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