FLASHBACK: 11 Months

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This month was a fun one; my not-so-long-ago baby is growing up, and she’s acting much more like a toddler than a baby.

We celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day this month; Grandma sent her an outfit to celebrate her heritage, since I am 50% Irish.  I dressed in green too, for the holiday and because my Michigan State Spartans were playing in the NCAA basketball tournament.

Maddie is finding her balance for walking.  She’ll take a couple steps before falling, but she stood outside on the patio supporting herself for about 10 seconds.  I felt like she had just graduated college – I was so proud of her!  It’s amazing to watch these little milestones.  She pulls herself up on any- and everything and then pushes off and walks.  She only makes it a few steps, but she’s never discouraged; she just gets up and tries again!


Maddie loves almost all food; we’re very blessed with a little girl who loves to eat and is not picky.  Yes, I’m aware that by saying that out loud, I could jinx it!  She loves veggies, and I find that mixed, frozen veggies are soft enough for her and just the right size for her to be able to pick up and feed herself.  We feed her a lot of purees, so I’m trying to offer more “finger foods” that she can feed herself with.  Cooked veggies are perfect!

She is generally a very happy baby.  She makes us laugh like none other.  I also continue to be amazed at the things she loves playing with.  Baby toys?  Not so much.  Sometimes she finds them interesting, but most of the time she prefers everyday objects, like water bottles, boxes, remote controls/game controllers, etc.  Spoons are also a source of great fun!

Chewing on Spoon on Patio

Another of her favorite things is getting into the pantry.  We keep stuff that is OK for her to grab within her reach, and she just has a ball standing there taking everything out one by one; everything must go on the floor!  She looks so devious when she’s doing it, too, like she knows she’s not really supposed to, but it’s just so much fun she can’t help herself!  How do you say “no” to that face?!?!?

Getting into Pantry

I did say she’s a happy baby most of the time.  Usually when she’s not happy, it’s because she wants or needs something, or because she’s tired.  Tiredness is the culprit most of the time.  She’s never been a great napper.  She’s queen of the five-minute power nap.  She just doesn’t want to miss anything.  She’ll fight sleep like she’s fighting to save the planet!  But once she’s out, she’s out.  When I spend the day with her, a lot of our napping is done together, because I just don’t get these snuggles enough, and she’s already getting so much more independent that I know they won’t last long.

Nap Time With Mommy

Maddie went to her first sporting event this week, a Durham Bulls baseball game!  My office overlooks the stadium, so our job gives away several tickets every year, and I was lucky enough to get four this year, so the whole family went.  She wasn’t fazed at all by the noise or crowds; she just found it fascinating and spent the entire time watching all the people!

Baseball Game

We finally had our first boo boo.  Maddie loves emptying out the drawers in TV stand.  Generally, we only keep lightweight, non-breakable things in there so that she can go through the drawers and pull everything out whenever she wants (a very fun game!).  This boo boo was just a freak accident; she pulled out a game controller and it fell on her face and hit her poor little nose just right.  She wasn’t even much bothered by it – cried for two minutes, then was over it – but it looked so awful!

Boo Boo

Maddie really enjoys being outside when the weather cooperates, and it’s started to cooperate a little bit lately, so we’ve been spending more time outside.  She just likes the feel of the breeze and sun on her skin, and watching all of the people, cars, ducks, and anything else that she can see outside.

I recently signed up for an imperfect produce service called Hungry Harvest.  It’s amazing; I can’t sing their praises enough.  They rescue the produce that is either misshappen, or too small/too big, or has a blemish, or whatever other reason grocers don’t want it, sells it in boxes (you choose the size of the box, per your family’s needs), and delivers it to your door weekly.  Oh, and you can customize your boxes; amazing!  I got peaches in the first box, which happened to be Maddie’s 11 month birthday, so I decided to let her have at a half a peach….in a dress!  She wasn’t so sure about it at first, but had a ball just chomping into it.  She wasn’t so sure about the skin, but the juice she loved!

Happy 11 months, Maddie!  You are such a joy to watch grow.  I can’t believe you’ll be one year old next month.  I can’t wait to watch you grow for the rest of your life!




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