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Every month, it seems, Maddie has a “first.”  This month’s “first” was her first snow.  She wasn’t such a fan of the snow, like her mom, but we took her out for a minute to experience it nonetheless.

Maddie's First Snow

She also learned how to crawl out the sliding glass door and onto the patio by herself.  It’s so amazing watching her figure things out.  She wasn’t deterred at all; she just approached the problem and worked out how to solve it, and solve it she did!

Crawling Outside

This month found Maddie standing as much as she possibly could.  She was still cruising, but got braver.  Any- and everything that she could use to help support herself, she did.  Of course the crib was the perfect support, and it wasn’t long before we woke up to this.  (And yes, that is a nasal aspirator in her hand; makes a great “chew toy” for teething)

Standing in Crib

She also got her second tooth – also on the bottom – this month.  This one was a little more painful for her, or at least she was more bothered by it than the first, but overall she was very brave, and we quickly learned that Baby Orajel works wonders.

Two Teeth

She also started “learning” how to drink from a cup.  This is an Oreo Snack Cup, which is the perfect size for baby to hold.  The amazing thing is, after watching us, she knew exactly what to do with it!

Drinking From Cup

We also started telling her “no” this month.  Needless to say, she’s not a fan of the word, or the concept.  Her instant reaction upon being told “no” is:

Reaction to No

One of Maddie’s favorite discoveries this month was the refrigerator – she loves exploring the refrigerator.  This was on her official nine-month birthday, so we let her have a little fun:

Almost equally as entertaining was getting into cabinets:

Again, getting the sticker visible for her 9-month birthday was not easy; we did the best we could!


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