Plum Organics Bowls: FIVE STARS!!!

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Plum Organics Baby Foods Are Awesome!

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I have been feeding Plum Organics pouches for a while, so I heard about their bowls when they were coming out via Plum’s website.  Shortly thereafter, I found a bunch of the apple, spinach & avacado flavored ones on the clearance rack at my local Harris Teeter, I think partly because they are visually a pretty awful color!  I picked up several of them at the clearance price of $0.74 each, which is an amazing deal.

The first time I offered one to Maddie, she finished it in record time.  She absolutely loved it!  One thing I must say is that I always try a taste of the foods I’m giving her, mostly out of curiosity, and this one was really good!!!  I was very surprised that, despite the gross-looking color, it was super tasty.  I was sold from that moment, and wished I had grabbed all of them at that price, but alas, I had only six or seven.

A couple months later, I received an offer to participate in a campaign and be a Bzzz Agent for Plum Organics Baby Bowls.  I was happy to do so, and they sent me several bowls to try in a variety of flavors.  I received: (1) pumpkin, banana, papaya and cardamom; (2) beet, apple, strawberry and chia; (3) banana, raspberry and barley; (4) pear, sweet potato and red bell pepper; (5) pear, cauliflower, cherry and raisin; and (6) pear and prune.

Maddie Approved!

We have tried all of the flavors we were sent, and Maddie has loved each one.  Once she starts eating, she’s immediately reaching for the bowl.

Give Me More

She’s not quite ready to feed herself with a spoon yet, so I have to hold on to the bowl and help her, but she can’t get enough, quickly enough.


Plum Organics Baby Bowls are by far her favorite food.  Even after she finishes a bowl, she could eat another, so that might be my only complaint – that they could be a little bigger – but then again, that’s probably just my greedy child.


Why Do I Love Plum Baby Bowls?

As a parent, I love these bowls for several reasons:

  1. I know I’m doing a good job mothering because I’m feeding my baby good, healthy, wholesome food with natural ingredients, as well as exposing her to a wide range of foods and flavors at an early age, which I think is really important to overall food enjoyment for life.
  2. The bowls are the perfect size to hold and feed.  They also have a reusable lid, so if your child isn’t as greedy as mine and doesn’t finish the entire bowl in one sitting, it’s very easy to snap the lid back on and put it in the ‘fridge for later.
  3. The bowls are reusable and the perfect size for taking snack on outings.
  4. I love the company – founded by parents; a desire to cultivate “nutritional intelligence,” a concept I’m totally behind; they’re civic-minded and donate lots of products to ensure all kids have access to healthy foods; they care about the environment and do what they can to use recyclable products; and they have a Wellness Advisory Panel to ensure they’re doing everything right 🙂
  5. Most importantly: My baby loves them!


I highly recommend new parents try the Plum Baby Bowls; I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Also, click here to get a coupon to save some money!

I would love to hear whether you have tried the Plum Organics baby bowls and whether you and your littles loved them as much as we did; leave a comment and let me know!



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