12-Month Checkup + Shots Suck….For Parents…

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We went to the pediatrician for Madison’s one-year checkup and shots.  The poor thing had to have a venous blood draw (they test for lead, as well as iron/anemia), and four shots for vaccines (the last in the series for pneumo and Hib, as well as MMR and chicken pox).

That little girl was such a trooper!  I felt such pride, which seems silly, but I’m telling you, the nurse wrapped her up in a sheet except one arm for the blood draw, and then just pulled her legs out for the shots, and she never screamed once, and not a single tear was shed.

It was funny – she was actually quite fascinated by the blood draw.  She kept looking at the tube and the blood coming out of it, kind of like “is that really coming from me???”

She fussed a little bit, but I think mostly it was from being restrained.  Now that she’s walking, she no longer desires to sit, or lay down, or be restrained/held back in any way, shape or form.  But she did not shed one single tear, and there was not even a moment of screaming; she was amazing!

We always place bets on her weight before going to a doctor’s appointment.  I think this started because she came out a little small (5 lb., 15 oz.), so our goal from the very beginning was to fatten her up.  We were guessing in the 23-pound (me) to 25-pound (hubby) range.  She came in just under 21 pounds (20 lb., 13.7 oz.)!  I can’t believe it!  She feels so heavy, and looks adorably chunky, but she really had only gained a pound in the past couple of months!  Nothing to worry about; she’s right in the middle of the growth chart/percentiles, and the pediatricians are thrilled with her stats (weight is the 67th percentile).  It was just surprising!

She also came down into reality in the height department.  Her last height measurement had her listed as “>99th” percentile.  This height was about the same, but I guess with increased age it put her down to the 69th percentile.  Still above average, just not by quite as much.  The pediatrician thinks that last measurement was an outlier, and maybe it was – I know height can be difficult to assess in wiggly babies!

It was a great visit, and I’m just blown away at how well she handled it.  That’s my big girl!



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