Talking In Baby-Speak….To Adults!

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Have you ever found yourself speaking to an adult….like you speak to your baby???

It wasn’t too long ago, and I was with my in-laws getting ready to drive back from Virginia to North Carolina.  We had stopped at the gas station for drinks and snacks.  While my daughter was with us, she was in her car seat, fast asleep.

When everyone had piled back into the car and we were ready to go, my sister-in-law says to me: “You didn’t get any snacks for the road?”  I responded:

“Yes, I did.  I got some chippy-chips.”

I didn’t even catch myself until she laughed.  CHIPPY-CHIPS???  Oh, Lawd.  I’ve been a mom too long!

I’ve also noticed, though I think this one is more “intentional” and meant to be “cutesie,” hubby and I calling ourselves “mommy” and “daddy” when the child is not around.

Lastly, a co-worker mentioned this to me, and now I can’t stop un-hearing myself and others do it: parents tend to refer to themselves in the third-person, as in “mommy is on the phone” or “mommy needs you to go brush your teeth.”  Why is it not: “I’m on the phone” or “I need you to go brush your teeth” or, heck, just “Go brush your teeth” (with a please on the end, if you’re nice)?

I’m sure that started in baby-hood and is probably fine there, as you’re trying to get them to understand your “name” and who you are.  But if you listen, you’ll hear parents all over speaking this way to children over five!

Do you have any funny stories of talking in baby-speak….but not to the baby???  I’d love to hear them!


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